terça-feira, 26 de outubro de 2010

1º jogo com a Brigada 1874, do Aston Villa. Amanhã.

Já aqui tinha sido abordado o desabrochar deste grupo de apoio ao Aston Villa.
Eis que, amanhã, a propósito do jogo para a Carling Cup com o Burnley eles se dão a conhecer como colectivo actuante nas Bancadas do estádio do Villa.
Com direito a bandeiras, tifo, etc.. Cousa não muito comum de se assistir por aquelas paragens.

Pode-se seguir o jogo aqui:
Qua. 27. Outubro 2010

PRESS RELEASE anteriormente emitido:
«Following a meeting of like minded Villa supporters on the 14th August an Aston Villa ultras group was formed, the name of this group is Brigada 1874. The group is composed of those who bleed claret and blue and want to bring colour, vibrancy, noise and passion to the terraces.

In the modern game where many a good supporter has been pushed away from the ground by high ticket prices and draconian policing while those who remain are often subject to over zealous stewarding we want to take something back for those who make the game what it is. We aim to follow in the tradition of ultra groups in Europe and learn from the example made by the handful of ultra groups who've been active in the UK over the past few years.

The group is currently in it's embryonic stages and the next few months will be spent setting the foundations of the group, designing displays and making banners and flags. Owing to the fact that those involved are based in various areas of Villa Park our first appearances this season are likely to be at away games.

The group is based upon five basic principles, these are;

-We support the players for the entirety of the game no matter how well or poorly we are playing.
-We stand throughout the game
-We make as much noise and create as big a scene as possible on the terraces.
-We are anti-fascist, anti-racist and non-sectarian. Those who promote division based upon ethnicity, religion or nationality will not be tolerated in the group.
-We act in unsion as a group, while we may have differences of opinion on some issues regarding the club we will always act in unity and back one another up at the game.

Those who are interested in getting involved with the group can contact us here via pm or email us at brigada1874@gmail.com. Prospective members should agree with the founding principles and bring that spirit into the group. All potential members will be vetted.»

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