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AFC Liverpool: Mais um clube de Raíz Popular.

AFC Liverpool: Mais um Clube de Raíz Popular, desta feita embuído no espírito do Liverpool FC e fundado por sócios, e para sócios deste Clube.
Tal como o FCUM é um clube que tem os valores de um outro clube mas que surgiu como alternativa para combater os elevados preços que se praticam nas divisões mais altas. Assim como constituem uma crítica pragmática à galopante mercantilização do Futebol em geral...

AFC Liverpool is a new independent football club owned by Liverpool fans and run by Liverpool fans where everyone can buy into it and get an equal vote. A genuine grassroots, not for profit football club.

It is aimed especially at those Liverpool fans priced out of Premier League football. Same colours, same songs, same community of Reds.

We play in the Vodkat League Division One (sometimes known as the North West Counties).

Is It Against Liverpool FC?
No. Quite the opposite. It draws it’s support base from Liverpool fans. AFC Liverpool fans still support Liverpool and those who can afford to will still go to Anfield to support the Reds. The club is meant as a grassroots addition to Liverpool FC, not to be a replacement for it. We see ourselves very much as part of the LFC family – LFC’s little brother.

Why Bother?
Because thousands of Reds can’t get to games anymore, either because it is difficult to get tickets or because they can’t afford them. The average age of a Premiership fan is 43, so we need a way to get kids hooked into experiencing football at an actual match, surrounded by a passionate LFC community.

Why not just pick an existing non league team to follow?
Being a football fan is about belonging and partisanship. If anyone has partisan feelings towards an existing non league side then you will already be in a position to follow them too. But most LFC fans have only ever supported LFC.

Partisanship and a sense of belonging can not be manufactured. Our sense of belonging exists within our love for LFC. For us to have a grassroots team to genuinely support demands the creation of a new not for profit football club owned and run by Liverpool Fans – AFC Liverpool.

How do I help AFC Liverpool?
To keep going we need finance. So we need you to join the club. Beyond that we could do with donations to the club. Even better would be a regular gift eg £1 a week etc.

Also, to register your interest you should join the mailing list too, in order to keep in touch with what’s happening.

Remember – this is not an attack on LFC or a rejection of LFC. It is an addition to the LFC we all love. It is an addition that the many thousands of reds priced out of Premiership football desperately need.

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