terça-feira, 26 de outubro de 2010

4 membros da Horda 97 detidos. Vergonhoso.

«Friday October 22nd, during the French 2nd League Game FC Metz - SCO Angers, 4 fans have been arrested and kept in custody during over 20h00 for having displayed the famous "GEGEN NAZIS" flag.
They will be judged by French Court during the month of November for the unbelievable reason of "bring and display a nazi symbol during a football game".
This 4 fans are members of HORDA FRENETIK, a very active anti-racist groupe, working AGAINST racism since over 13 years.

The FC Metz already had numerous racist related issues, and is now AGAIN in the middle of a storm, by punishing their anti-racist fans.
Are we now obliged to be racist to attend a football game in France ? »

montage horda frenetik 97 metz
Carregado por m-57. - Veja mais videos de esportes e de esportes radicais

SITE DA HORDA 97: http://horda97.fr.st/

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