terça-feira, 2 de novembro de 2010

Breda Rats.

«Who are you? Who are you? We are the people from Breda who support our local club and adopted St. Pauli as our second team. And we don't just say it, we do it. We are the ones that travel over 5 hours to watch third league football * update: second league!* in a nation that is not even ours. As if we cannot watch crappy football at home. We are so fucking retarded, we even like it, and pay for it as well. You could have seen (some of) us over the years in over 20 stadiums in (West-)Germany during a St.Pauli game, and in all in Holland for joining the famous Yellow Army. And some of us still have a life next to it. Or just something like it. And why NAC? because we ARE (and proud of it). Why St. Pauli? Because St. Pauli is a footballclub the way it should be. Just go and experience it yourself mate! Why @ Myspace? To be able to meet you online and in Europe afterwards. Say hi then!»

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