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LiVORNO vs. Lazio - 9 Maggio: Game over fascists! (CONVOCATÓRiA)

« Game over fascists

On the weekend of 8th-9th May 2010 the Armando Picchi stadium in Livorno will host the last home match of A.S Livorno's season. The opponents will be S.S Lazio.

The Roman club with the imperial eagle in it's coat of arms, open fascists formally on the playing staff and fascist fans is not a normal footballing opponent. This match is not a derby with its regional passions and local traditions. The rivalry has developed in a special way and culminated in the recent past with the symbolic duel of two strikers. The communist Cristiano Lucarelli was, and still is a Livornese icon. His nemisis, the fascist Paolo di Canio!

Moreover, the match takes place on a special weekend. On the 8th of May 1945 Nazi Germany capitulated. One day later in Moscow, the Red Army celebrated the "Day of Victory" over Hitler-fascism. In a spectacular parade the military symbols of national socialist Germany were put to flames. Splendour flags, standards, uniforms, badges and swastikas burned and sealed the end of the Nazis. Already on the 25th of April 1945 the Italians had liberated themselves and sent the fascists to hell. German Nazis fled. Citizens, partisans, anarchists, communists, socialists and unionists celebrated in common in their victory.

This year on the 25th April there will be the 65th anniversary of the Liberation of Italy from Fascism. In May the "Day of the Victory over Fascism" will be celebrated albeit in an increasingly aggressive nationalistic climate, in a militarized locked-down Europe, which has awoke like a megalomaniac and is militarily intervening worldwide. However, on the 9th of May 2010, on the anniversary of the smashing of the Nazi regime, it's fascist brothers in mind will come to Livorno.

That is why, the last home match of the Squadra Amaranto in the current season against a "special" opponent, on a special memorial day, at a historical anniversary will be a significant event. This should be celebrated properly!

Therefore, we are planning an international antifascist convention of Livorno fans and antifascists on the weekend from the 8th to the 9th of May 2010. However, the important day remains the 9th of May and the match against S.S Lazio. The magnificent A.S Livorno should not only be supported in a unique, creative, loud and colourful way, but it should also be pose an unmistakable statement against fascism and racism within and outside the stadium.

Therefore, we call international Livorno fans and antifascists to engage on the planning of the international antifascist convention on the weekend of 8th / 9th of May and to come to Livorno!

Forza sempre magico Livorno! »


2 comentários:

  1. Não sabia que os italianos se tinham libertado do fascismo no dia 25 de Abril! Grande data!
    Se bem que agora andam lá com a direita a reinar desde há anos com o Berlusconi e os outros capitalistas mafiosos!

  2. pois.. é uma data em altas, tanto para os tugas como para os italianos eheh..
    (Já agora, o berlusconi e a sua escória dos media-capital bem podia ter o mesmo fim que o duce..)