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Mais recente comunicado dos AVAF.

Mais recente comunicado dos AVAF - ASTON VILLA ANTI-FASCISTS:

«We are a group of anti-fascists who support Aston Villa. We originally set up our group about ten years ago to counter the bnp who were actively recruiting members from Villa hooligans, especially through the England football hooligan scene.

The bnp didn't really get very far in their project in getting new recruits, due to Birmingham being a multi-cultural city, and we believe that our fanzines, and sticker campaigns were also partly responsible for this success.

Some of our members fought with the Villa firms in the 80's, which were partly multi-cultural firms, but definitely non-political, basically football casual hooligans, which was the tradition at that time. Others in our group were just disgusted at the thought of fascists using Aston Villa Football Club as a vehicle to put out their poison. It has to be said that we had supporters of birmingham city helping us, which was great due to the traditional hostility between the two sets of supporters for no other reason than tribal conflict.

With the bnp retreating nationally from street politics and football violence, in part due to them wanting to create a more respectable image, but also because they were getting their heads battered in at marches and meetings all over the uk, we stepped down our campaign. But recently, the bnp have again emerged and are now using the hype against Al Quaeda and Islamic fundamentalism, as a cloak to re-generate support. They have organised the edl (english defence league) to bring english football hooligans togeather to attack local asian communities, seeing them as an easy target. Because of this, we have relaunched our campaign: ( http://www.fashwatch.org/?p=85 ) with great support and success so far.

We have many links with anti-fascists around the uk. Of course at Celtic who are traditionally to the fore when it comes to combating the far right, we have many contacts, plus also at Man Utd, Sunderland, Arsenal, Wolves, Man City, Hibs, and we even have contacts at rangers, who have to keep undercover a bit more than the rest of us obviously. Across Europe, we have contacts with many antifa groups or individuals from Athletic Bilbao's HNT, Celtarras Vigo, FC St Pauli, Benfica's No Name Boys, Sporting Lisbon, Vitoria Setubal casuals, Gruppo Estoril, Bordeaux Ultra Marines, and many others, including now Bukaneros from Rayo Vallecano.

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  1. Sometimes anti-social, always anti-fascist!

    You can get in contact with Villa anti-fascists at info@fashwatch.org