quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2010

8º6 Crew e 2 itens de vestuário.

Uma das bandas fetish do LP16, os já extintos 8º6 Crew que têm a graduação da sua cerveja preferida no próprio nome..
Aqui têm uma biografia sacada do blog http://hangoverhard.blogspot.com/

«Formed by 4 mates at the end of 95', 8°6 CREW first played OI! and SKA. Quickly joined by others musicians (keyboards & horns section) to make the ska compositions richer, they played some few gigs in 97' and released a 4 tracks demo tape (including 2 ska & 2 oi! songs) at the end of the year. Three of these tracks were on "HATE" compilation out in january 98 & 8°6 CREW started to play much more and appeared on several oi! and ska CD/tape compils. They decided to stop playing oi! music that year because they were now 10 musicians in the band & oi! was played by only 4 of them! Released in october 98 in Germany, their first album: BAD BAD REGGAE was out in february 99 on Mad butcher rcds. The album was sold out 6 months later & repressed; the band played much gigs & kept on doing compilations. The year 2000 was much more peaceful, 8°6 worked on some new songs & put out a 6 tracks CD"MENIL EXPRESS" in march 2001 + another repress of "BAD BAD REGGAE" on BIG 8 rcds...just to wait for a potential second album of the CREW !»

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