quarta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2014

Eis a apresentação oficial do Ménilmontant Football Club 1871 (mais um caso de Futebol Modesto contra o Fut€bol Moderno).

Ménilmontant Football Club 1871 is a self-managed amateur football club. One of its first aims is to unify people sharing the same football values; solidarity and collectivity.

MFC is against current football realities such as omnipresence of money, hyper security of stadiums or supporters' repression. Beyond our love for this sport, we are women and men unified by the reject of any prejudice based on gender, social origin, religion or sexual orientation. MFC works in self-management: every member has the same decision power whatever status she/he has (player or supporter).

Why Ménilmontant Football Club 1871?

First, because Ménilmontant stays one of the last popular and multicultural neighbourhoods in Paris, in spite of the gentrification attempts by the bourgeois city hall. We do not all live there but we meet there under social struggles, against racism, homophobia, police violence or the right to housing.

1871 is a symbolic date for us: a rebel and popular Paris defying the bourgeois order during the Commune of Paris. The club is open to everybody, whatever your football level, race, gender, nationality or religion is. Don't hesitate to contact us, get involved and support the project.


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Mais em: https://www.facebook.com/pages/MFC-1871/1496164423957630

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