terça-feira, 8 de abril de 2014

Scaffold Brigade (Clapton FC) in an article from a US magazine.

«A piece about the anti-Fascist Clapton Ultras of North-East London side Clapton F.C. (estd. 1877) published on the website of American leftist magazine The Nation.


“I come to Clapton because of the songs, atmosphere and camaraderie,” Nisha Damji from South London adds. “Being brown and a woman, knowing that Clapton is antifascist makes me feel welcome and included.”

There are also those who love to watch football and have been priced out of corporate arenas. “What struck me about [Clapton] is that its identity is set not by the management but by the fans,” says Nathan Bolton, one of the many new supporters of Clapton FC. “Nowadays, most grounds are identical, over-priced and with no atmosphere. What's happening at Clapton is an attempt by fans to model a club along their own lines.»


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