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«Reggae at the Football» Excelso artigo do blog Weekend Service.

«Reggae at the Football

Some of my readers might already know, some dont`t: Reggae music isnt`really something you connect with our beloved game this days but two of europes biggest clubs, Ajax Amsterdam and Chelsea FC, enjoy their fans with a good tune before the match.
Chelsea (and some other british football clubs) are well known for playing the Harry J. Allstars tune "The Liberator" which hitted the number 9 in the UK single charts in 1969. A typical skinhead reggea tune from that era.
Chelsea's claims to be first to play it are backed by the first paragraph of the liner notes for "Liquidator - The Best of the Harry J All Stars". It says: "Way back in 1969, supporters of the Chelsea football team revered players such as Bonetti, Osgood and Hollins. The boys performed under the watchful eye of manager Dave Sexton to the tune of Harry J & All Stars chartbuster, 'The Liquidator'. However, there is also evidence to suggest that it was first played at West Bromwich Albion, and copied by other, smaller clubs.(wiki)

Back in 2008 Ajax Amsterdam played a friendly against Cardiff City FC in Wales and Bob Marley`s "Three Little Birds" was played in the Stadium. The song became an instant stadium hit and a club anthem since it was first played and sung along with by Ajax supporters.

As a big fan of early reggae and northern soul this makes me really jealous, both songs are great and i would love to hear them or something like that at my local ground, but this will never happen. I think i am doomed to listen to horrible chart music and folklore during the halftime break and before the match...»


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