quinta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2011

Entrevista à banda HARD SKIN (Millwall, Oi!, Vida suburbana, etc...) pela Scanner Zine.

Coming outta 'Sarf London'!

«..I’m guessing you fellas are Millwall fans too? WHY Millwall? They’ll never win anything!! Why not go for a REAL London football team, like Chelsea or Arsenal - West Ham even, that’s who the REJECTS supported? Besides, when Millwall played at my old home town of Ipswich, most of the Millwall fans were seen drinking Gin and Tonic in the trendy bars and arriving at the ground with daffodils sticking outta the back of their jeans, just like Morrissey used to do! What gives there?
..Fat Bob) Millwall are our local team. It's 10 minutes on the train from our manor and they are a team with tradition, pride and a great football team. Chelsea are money mad cunts and their fans are upper class twats who've only supported them for 3 years, Arsenal are the French national team in disguise - no thanks and West Ham need a fucking hammer to their head. As for your lies about the Millwall supporters - that ain't the troof because Ipswich Town Centre was empty that day cause of fear of the Lions.
..Johnny Takeaway) What gives is you are an ill informed PONCE. You don't pick yer team yer team picks you. The Lions will win something, someday - mark my words. Ipswich are shit and only won the FA cup in 78 cos the ref was going out with Paul "the sailor" Mariner.

..Do you not think that Oi! is becoming a rather antiquated and stale mode of Punk Rock expression? The whole Skinhead movement, besides the SHARP Skins, has such close ties with neo-Nazis and the National Front that it can often alienate many who may appreciate what the better bands are doing and saying. What are your views on that statement?
..Fat Bob) Oi! has been stale for years but us, LYNARD SKINHEAD, THE DOWN AND OUTS and OI DIVISION are here to save the movement. It's about tunes, it's about black and white uniting, it's about beer and having a say and a laugh and it's about dressing well and it's about being political and it's about standing your ground and telling people the truth. The NF and BNP and the rest of those wankers can go and fuck themselves.
..Johnny Takeaway) Who are the better bands – HARD SKIN, that's who - we have no ties at all with those neo-nazi nobends and if people can't work that out for themselves then they are thick as dogshit. I know that a lot of skins say they're not political either. Sometimes that means lazily avoiding the issue that the far right is something that needs to be confronted and prevented from ever rising again. Fucking obvious.»


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