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Novidades e Saldos na Weekend Offender..

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De realce, também, o musicplayer da página. Com cantigas para gostos variados.

48 hours needs 48 thrills' - Joe Strummer

We are scaffolders, we are accountants,
we are nurses, we work in Burger King,
we build your houses, we teach your children,
we serve you fries with that.
We wait in the same spot
to get the same train
at the same time
to sit in the same seat.
At the weekend the chains are off.
We become who we are,
who we want to be.
Who we wish we were.
We're are 48 hour party people.
We separate ourselves from you.
We drink,
we smoke,
we fight,
we fuck,
we get the bus home in the morning.


Born in the mid noughties Weekend Offender is fast becoming one of the most exciting urban fashion labels in the UK. It is a label with attitude taking its influences from music, film, fun and a range of subcultures, such as terrace casuals and the acid house scene. Original, inspirational and often controversial Weekend Offender is a bright new light in an increasingly bland corporate market.

Mike Skinner, Carl Cox, Nic Fanciulli, Louis Osbourne and Goldielocks, to name a few are all championing the brand, and the T's have been spotted on the backs of the DJ's and clubbers all summer long in Eivissa hottest venues and UK clubs and festivals.

2010 sees the brand moves on from its original roots in graphic tees by adding classic polo's, cagoules and track tops all the with the now trademark Weekend Offender twist.

Cut by Gareth Bowler

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