quinta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2010

Entrevista a Paul Heaton (The Housemartins + The Beautiful South) pela TALfanzine.

Excelente entrevista a Paul Heaton (ex-The Housemartins + The Beautiful South e ex-membro da Blades Business Crew) pela TALfanzine, onde aborda temas como Política, Cultura, e o seu Clube: o Sheffield United..

«TAL: As a Marxist and anti-fascist, what do you
think is the best way to tackle the rise of
fascism and the BNP in Britland?

PAUL: Firstly argument, secondly the
bombing of the press and other medias,
thirdly direct physical action.

TAL: Following on from what you were saying
about tackling anti-fascism… What are
your opinions on the UAF and how they
are tackling the situation with the 'EDL' -
right approach, or wrong approach?

PAUL: I would only repeat firstly the
argument to them how many Muslims
do you actually know? The answer is
always none. How many radical Muslims do you know? The answer is always none. Does your suspicion of the
community of Islam arise from any first
hand experience? The answer is always No. Finally, does your impression
of Islam come from anything other
than the paper you read and the television station you watch? These people
in the EDL are not the people who
speak to Muslims they are not the people who socialise with Muslims they
are the people who know the least, so
why are these people the know alls of
the Muslim community? Because
they’re fed on the same swill that fed
the English masses in the 70's and 80's
about the Irish. (...)»

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