domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

Celtic Fans Against The British Army.
«Celtic supporters show their disapproval for members of the British Armed Forces who took to the pitch at the end of the Emirates Cup Tournament in August 2010. The British Army is currently engaged in wars in the Middle East that are purely about oil and an inflated sense of its own imperial past. For 30 years it conducted a dirty war in the occupied 6 Counties of the north of Ireland. Among the most notorious attrocities commited by this army were the 14 innocents murdered by the Paras on Bloody Sunday and the innocents murdered in the Ballymurphy Massacre. The 6 Counties are now thankfully at peace and on their way to become part of a United 32 County Irish Republic. Do not believe the government lies about the wars in the east. DO NOT SUPPORT THE BRITISH MILITARY ESTABLISHMENT AND THE RULING CLASS WHOSE SYSTEM IT UPHOLDS.»

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