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Soul Crew em acção contra os fachos da EDL..

«Cardiff City Soul Crew Humiliate EDL..

Cardiff braced itself for problems on Saturday as the 'mighty' EDL promised to turn up in large numbers to spread their hatred around the city.

While the police were out in numbers due to a Stereophonics gig and a cricket match, the combined might of the EDL and the WDL could only produce around 100 people, little for the folks of Cardiff to worry about.

When the EDL/WDL were eventually bused in by police they were quickly met with kicks, punches and flying objects from Cardiff Soul Crew members who were on the scene eager to greet them.

One Cardiff City supporter said

"We don't want these EDL idiots and their English flags parading around Cardiff. We've a message to the EDL, the UAF, the police and any supposed muslim extremists knocking about...Fuck off!"

We couldn't agree more...

The EDL have since set up a Facebook group entitled Soul crew the shame of Wales and the UK to counter the embarrassment of being seen off, which has been met with amusement by Soul Crew members and supporters who have swamped the page.

One anti EDL poster typed...

"I am confused. You lot turn up to another country whose people are sometimes not the greatest fans of the English, flying a foreign flag, and moan about immigrants. What the hell did you expect was going to happen?"

and another...

"What did you expect..walk around Cardiff chanting EDL and with English flags and you're surprised you had trouble? Keep your shit marches in your own country. Cunts."

and another...

"You idiots have just given the soul crew the first bit of good press they have ever had.

Did you really think driving through the capital city of wales with english flags, and bringing wolves scum would get you any support from us."

and another...

"Another shower of cunts run out of Cardiff by the Soul Crew....well done lads we're all proud of you!"

but our favourite has got to be...

"errrrrmmmmmm I think this page is doing more harm than good mate, you should take it down. It's just stirring more shit up!"


Other source of news on the EDL's visit...

http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2010/06/06/police-human-chain-to-keep-protesters-apart-91466-26596763/ »

Vídeo relativo à manifestação anti-EDL em Cardiff.

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